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ArtiiFacts features the photography of Ade Sulaiman, a photographer based in the UK. I am passionate about photography and have been for several years. From an early start with a Minolta Instamatic in the seventies to the slim line Vivitar 110mm compact cameras of the eighties to the excellent Konica Z-up 80 and Canon 1000F in the nineties to the digital marvels of today.

I regard myself as an all round photographer covering anything from landscapes to abstracts but now have a leaning towards portraiture and weddings. I also cover events, parties and pretty much anything it is legal to point a camera at. The aim is to capture that moment frozen it time enhancing the art of photography.

All images are Copyright of ArtiiFacts Photography and may not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any way, unless written permission is granted from the photographer. Watermarks that are used during pre-choice viewing or on this site will not show in final production.